Wednesday, July 24, 2013

6 Ways of Modern Decorating with Etched Glass

Etched glass is something that many people imagine encompassing the external surface of a church or cathedral; however, this elegant décor is popping up in many modern complexes. Decorating with etched glass can add a sophisticated ambiance that is customized to your specific style. Etched Glass Designs offers beautifully etched pieces over a wide range of products to suit any décor need. The company etches doors, windows, and mirrors. Offering the highest quality products and even some products that have a 3-dimensional appearance. As a leading etched glass provider, they stay up-to-date with modern trends relating to glass décor. Below are some of the latest decorating tips that are contemporary, elegant, and stylish.

1.    Etching your house number into your front door. This is a modern etched glass trend that adds a unique flair to the front of your house. Rather than include numbers on the side of your house, etching the number in the door provides a vibrant way to advertise your address to onlookers. This trend generally fits with a more contemporary décor, rather than sophisticated; however, Etched Glass Designs offers a variety of styles that can be compatible with any trend.
2.    Sliding etched glass doors as room dividers. Sliding etched glass doors provide a unique and elegant way to separate rooms. Whether it be your kitchen from your living room, or your bedroom from your bathroom; the doors will create an extravagant look. Additionally, the doors can be opened or closed ‒ so the space can be opened up if desired.
3.    Etched glass shower doors. Etched glass shower doors are a new trend that will provide your bathroom with an up-scale feel. It will provide the entire bathroom with a beautiful atmosphere, while providing coverage for your shower. You can have your shower door etched to match your bathroom theme, and even have the glass frosted to provide for privacy.
4.    Cabinets with etched glass. Although this is a trend that people do not see very often, it can add a modern style to any kitchen. By having etched cupboards, glassware is displayed in a beautiful setting and can be selected with ease. This is another décor trend that works with frosted glass if you want objects to be concealed that are being stored.
5.      Closets doors made of etched glass. Etched glass closets doors serve as a beautiful way to put clothes out of sight. Additionally, if a room is smaller, the etched glass will serve as a way to open up the room. Rather than have a closet door that matches the color of the wall, consider an etched glass closet which serves as a piece of artwork that does not take up any additional space.
6.     Frosted bathroom windows. Bathroom windows can be tricky because sometimes homeowners desire more privacy. Rather than installing a high window or no windows at all, try frosted etched glass. With etched glass you can put windows of any size in any bathroom all while maintaining privacy.

Etched Glass Designs hope that more people begin displaying the beautiful art of etched glass in their homes. It offers a personalized flair to any household that will remain timeless.


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